Even Thieves Cant Keep Their Hands Off Amar Stewart!

Stewart is an interactive painter; he’s set up a gallery in London by the name of Work In Progress, as a sort of public space gallery where the public can watch as he paints. These different interactions with people provide inspiration for his art. But an even bigger inspiration is the music, which may start out with hip-hop but can end up anywhere, metal and funk not excluded.

Even thieves can’t keep their hands off his work. At his recent release party at The Cotton Candy Machine where he’s currently in residence, three paintings of Nelson Mandela, Snoop Dogg, and Basquiat were stolen. Thanks to the heroics of gallery owner Sean Leonard, the Basquiat painting was recovered, along with one of the thieves. However, two of the paintings are still missing, so if you happen to see the five-foot tall renderings of Mandela and Snoop Dogg in Dutch master style at some hip crib in Bushwick, make sure you hit up Cotton Candy Machine."


"I loveth it when thou calleth me big papa"

Sir Hova of Brooklyn


 "For every dark knight thou awaits a brighter day"


Lord Shady of Slim

MJB, The Queen of Hip-Hop & Soul

"Shillings Move Everything Around Me"

Left Eye Duchess of TLC


Photos were provided by: http://www.amarstewart.com


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