Sports: Lebron 1st-Round Record Top Michael Jordan's


Being labeled 'The Chosen One' before you even suited up in an NBA uniform can cause many avid basketball fans and pundits to cry foul.

The former number one pick and 2-time NBA Champion has been dealing with that backlash ever since he donned a Cavs uniform against the Sacremento Kings back in 03' in his first NBA game. Through the years we've watched him come into form and quiet most of his critics (even Skip Bayless).

But, King James has another stat that will help support his case.

According to a recent report on ESPN, James, who has played in every postseason since 2006, has a career postseason record of 36-7 in the first round. That means James, at .837, has a better first-round winning percentage than Michael Jordan (31-15 in the first round), Kobe Bryant (50-24), Shaquille O'Neal (45-23) and Tim Duncan (55-24).

When asked about the playoffs, James states,

"It's a totally different mindset. There's so many games in the regular season, you can't give all your time to just one opponent because you can have four in five nights. ... But in the postseason, you have at least four times that you're going to see that opponent. At this point, there's not many different sets that you're going to see. You're going to see the same personnel. So I'm able to lock in."

The Point-Forward hasn't lost a first-round playoff game since 2012 and since then has led Miami to sweeps the past two seasons over the Milwaukee Bucks and Charlotte Bobcats.

The James led Cleveland Cavaliers will put that record to the test Sunday April 19th, when they face-off against the 7th seed Boston Celtics.




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