Sports: Browns and Titans to Potentially Swap 1st-Round Picks

The Cleveland Browns are ready to shake up this years draft.

The Browns have offered the Titans two 1st-round picks for the Titans number 2 pick. The Titans currently hold the 12th and 19th picks. 

According to a ESPN report, A source with the Titans told Paul Kuharsky of that the Browns had not made an offer for the No. 2 overall pick, and another source close to the Browns said there have been no substantive talks with the Titans and that these discussions commonly take place as the draft approaches.

The Titans have a lot of trade bait to ponder. They also have been negotiating with the San Diego Chargers for a potential Trade for veteran-QB and Pro Bowler Phillip Rivers. 

The Draft is thursday April 30th, at 8PM and will be held in Chicago this year.


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