ESPN Writer Implies Cavs Locker Room had 'Reefer' Aroma

Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers suffered their 3rd loss of the post-season and 2nd straight in the NBA Finals after being blown out by the Warriors Sunday night.

The World Champs seemed to be suffering from clouded judgement but the high energy Dubbs came out in the second-half blazing and the Cavaliers couldn't seem to roll with the punches.

But after the Game 2 loss, ESPN Writer Mike Wise tweeted a claim that the Cavs were running a secret play that isn't able to get any hardwood action: The-Puff-Puff-Pass.

Mike wise reportedly smelled A "Skunk-like" aroma in the Cavs locker room. After sparking some controversy, Wise later tried clarify his tweet.



 There's no telling what impact Wise's claim will have but if it is true, we hopes it's in favor of the Cavs because they are losing by nearly a dub (20 points) to the Warriors. Either way California has Proposition 64.

[Proposition 64] allowes adults aged 21 years or older to possess and use marijuana for recreational purposes.


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