Teyana Taylor Joins Reebok

The multi-talented Teyana Taylor has officially announced that she has signed with Reebok Classic for a long-term partnership. Taylor, who is an actress, model, dancer, and fitness muse, released a coinciding visual, titled 'Free Your Style' to show off her signature Reebok sneakers.


Fans who enjoyed her appearance in Kanye West's 'Fade' music video, will appreciate Teyana's dancing skills and physique in this brief visual. 

"Reebok has always been a part of me," Taylor says in the clip. "The 5411's really opened the door to get creative in women's fashion, it gave permission for sneakers to be feminine." 

According to Reebok, the Freestyle sneaker (commonly known as the 5411’s) was originally developed in 1982 and gained fame as the first athletic sneaker designed for women’s fitness and quickly became one of the most iconic sneakers in the business. 

Taylor is slated to bring a fresh spin to the OG colorways in black, red and white, and will also support additional launches throughout the year. 

Check out Teyana's 5411's below: 


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